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September 26, 2018 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Ranking Member Bobby Scott (VA-03), Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-03), and Congressman Mark Takano (CA-41), and Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard issued the following statement after the U.S. Department of Labor released a proposed rule to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to operate patient lifts in health care settings. “This rushed proposal to repeal restrictions on teens’ use of patient lifts could endanger the safety of young workers and the patients they serve. It appears the Department of Labor submitted this proposal without any input from National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). In fact, the proposal directly ignores previous expert warnings about the danger of allowing 16- and 17-year-olds to use this equipment by themselves.
September 25, 2018 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Ranking Member Bobby Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement after the Trump administration’s Department of Homeland Security released a proposed rule to expand grounds for denying legal U.S. residency to immigrants. “The Trump administration’s ‘public charge’ proposal would force hundreds of thousands of immigrants to make the impossible choice between receiving basic assistance for food and shelter and risk being separated from their families.
September 20, 2018 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Ranking Member Bobby Scott (VA-03), the top Democrat on the Committee on Education and the Workforce, sent a second letter to Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (NC-05) requesting hearings before the full Committee to examine the troubling state of education in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The U.S. Virgin Islands Board of Education reported a drop of nearly 4,000 students enrolled in schools in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, while Puerto Rico’s Department of Education closed 265 schools last summer.
September 14, 2018 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Within the first two weeks of re-entry, individuals released from correctional facilities are 129 times more likely to die from an opioid overdose than the general population. To help ensure that individuals can access the care they need, Congressman Bobby Scott (VA-03) and Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) introduced the Supporting Positive Outcomes After Release Act, legislation that prohibits states from terminating an inmates’ Medicaid coverage while they are incarcerated, a practice that often prevents individuals from accessing treatment in the critical days and weeks after release. The legislation would prohibit states from terminating eligible individual’s Medicaid because of incarceration, and instead, with coverage only temporarily suspended, ensure access to health care services more quickly upon release.
September 10, 2018 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC — Today, U.S. Sens. Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine, along with U.S. Reps. Rob Wittman (VA-01), Scott Taylor (VA-02), Bobby Scott (VA-03), A. Donald McEachin (VA-04), Tom Garrett (VA-05), Bob Goodlatte (VA-06), Dave Brat (VA-07), Don Beyer (VA-08), Morgan Griffith (VA-09), Barbara Comstock (VA-10), and Gerry Connolly (VA-11), called on President Donald Trump to issue a federal emergency declaration ahead of Hurricane Florence, a tropical storm which was recently upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane and is expected to make landfall somewhere on the southeast or Mid-Atlantic coast Thursday night. Virginia’s congressional delegation wrote to the President in support of a request from Gov. Ralph Northam in advance of the storm’s potentially devastating effects on the Commonwealth of Virginia.
September 7, 2018 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Ranking Member Bobby Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement after the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the economy added 201,000 jobs in August, with the unemployment rate at 3.9 percent. “Today’s jobs report once again shows that the Republican tax bill is nothing but a broken promise to American workers. The White House predicted passing their tax scheme would increase the average family’s annual income by at least $4,000. Nine months later, the typical worker’s wages are not even keeping up with inflation while corporations and their CEOs are raking in historic sums of money.
August 30, 2018 Press Release
NEWPORT NEWS, VA. – Congressman Bobby Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement after President Trump announced that his Administration would cut the cost-of-living adjustment for civilian federal employees and would eliminate locality pay across the board: “President Trump’s announcement today that he is seeking to freeze locality pay and deny federal employees a cost-of-living increase for 2019 is insulting to our federal workforce. It is puzzling that the President would do this at a time when his Administration has insisted that our economy is doing so well and his tax cuts for the wealthy are ‘paying for themselves.’
August 30, 2018 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Ranking Member Bobby Scott (VA-03) released the following statement in response to a report from the New York Times that revealed Secretary DeVos’s draft proposal to rewrite policies for addressing sexual misconduct on campus. “The draft regulation regarding sexual harassment and misconduct that is reportedly under consideration by Secretary DeVos would be a major step backward in our collective effort to provide a safe learning environment for all students. The proposed rule creates a new process and evidentiary standard that makes it harder for survivors of harassment, abuse, and assault to achieve the justice they deserve.
August 27, 2018 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Ranking Member Bobby Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement after Seth Frotman, Student Loan Ombudsman at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, announced his resignation in a letter to Acting Director Mick Mulvaney. In the letter, Frotman says the Bureau has abandoned the very consumers it is tasked by Congress with protecting. “Seth Frotman’s resignation from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is further evidence that the Bureau’s current leadership is failing to do its job on behalf of America’s 44 million student loan borrowers. Mr. Frotman’s assessment that the Bureau has lost its independence and is now a political arm of the administration should be taken seriously. It not only reflects his personal experience, but it is also supported by the series of recent actions taken by the Bureau to weaken protections for students and their families.
August 10, 2018 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Ranking Member Bobby Scott (VA-03) released the following statement in response to the Trump administration’s decision to eliminate the Gainful Employment rule, which was established by the Obama administration to set a clear enforcement standard for career programs and for-profit institutions that have a demonstrated history of leaving students with debt they cannot repay. “The Trump administration’s decision to eliminate – rather than revise or replace – the Gainful Employment rule is yet another example of its willingness to prop up low-quality for-profit colleges at the expense of students and taxpayers. According to the Education Department’s own analysis, this decision will cost taxpayers nearly $5 billion in federal financial aid, which will go to college programs that have failed to meet the existing standards and would have otherwise closed.