Scott Statement on President Trump’s Speech on Afghanistan

August 22, 2017
Press Release

NEWPORT NEWS, VA – Congressman Bobby Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement on President Trump’s address to the nation last night on his strategy in Afghanistan:

“For almost 16 years, the United States has been engaged in armed conflict in Afghanistan. No American wants Afghanistan to again be a safe haven for radicalism and terrorism. Unfortunately, the President made no mention of specific troop increases or a strategy for ultimate victory or withdrawal. The President also failed to articulate a clear vision on how he intends to get regional actors more involved. Without an outline for any specific strategy for victory or withdrawal, the President only appears to be committing our nation to an open-ended conflict for the foreseeable future.

“In the weeks ahead, it is incumbent on the President to provide the additional details necessary for Congress and the American people to determine whether or not his plan can lead to a stable Afghanistan. And it is the responsibility of Congress to authorize, or refuse to authorize, the continuation of this war with a new Authorization of Use of Military Force.”

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