Scott Statement on No Vote on FY 2017 Continuing Resolution

December 8, 2016
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Bobby Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement on his No vote on H.R. 2028, the Further Continuing and Security Assistance Appropriations Act, 2017:

“I am disappointed that House and Senate Republicans could not advance a more responsible bill to fund the federal government. Continuing Resolutions are inherently bad policy and hinder the work of the federal government. Considering the uncertainty that surrounds the incoming administration, I think it is more responsible for this Congress to enact a yearlong omnibus appropriations bill for the remainder of fiscal year 2017.

“With that said, the bill considered in the House today is woefully inadequate. First, the legislation fails to protect health care and pension benefits for coal miners and their families. This bill simply kicks the can down the road by extending their health care benefits for a mere four months. The bill also fails to include the bipartisan Coal Health Care and Pensions Protection Act that is paid for and would fully extend coal miner health benefits and shore up their pension fund. Failure to include this legislation breaks a promise to these hard working men and women, and jeopardizes benefits for approximately 7,600 families in Virginia.

“Secondly, while the bill does address funding issues for the Ohio Replacement Program, it unfortunately does not include adequate funding for the Carrier Replacement Program. The entire Virginia congressional delegation raised this issue with House and Senate appropriators earlier this month. Without necessary funding for this program, advanced procurement for the next Ford-class aircraft carrier may be unnecessarily delayed, potentially resulting in added construction costs and likely another temporary but costly reduction in the Navy’s aircraft carrier force.

“We have plenty of time left in this session of Congress to responsibly address these issues and others. We should do so before returning home tomorrow.”

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