Rep. Scott Introduces the Patient Advocate Act

September 26, 2008
Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC - Yesterday, Congressman Bobby Scott introduced the H.R. 7079, the Patient Advocate Act aimed at assisting patients who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. The Act would establish a demonstration grant program to State, local, tribal and non-profit entities for the development and operation of programs to assist patients in resolving health insurance, job retention and debt crisis problems resulting from the patients’ diagnosis and illness.<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


“It is important that patients have access to professional case management services that will assist them in overcoming problems they may face as a result of their diagnosis and illness,” said Rep. Scott.  “Patients should not have to fight the insurance companies and bill collectors at the same time they are battling a life threatening illness.”


The grants will be made available to existing as well as new patient advocacy programs.  These programs provide patients with much needed assistance with negotiating pre-authorization claims, expediting the appeals process, resolving billing errors, resolving debt crisis related to their diagnosis, brokering resources to supplement limits to insurance, and gaining access to services for the uninsured.