Chairman Scott Reacts to State of the Union

February 6, 2019
Press Release

As originally released by the Committee on Education and Labor

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Chairman Bobby Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement after President Trump delivered this State of the Union address before Congress.

“President Trump’s State of the Union – like the first two years of his presidency – largely ignored the challenges facing students, workers, and communities across the country. Access to a quality education, a good-paying job, and affordable health care are fundamental issues for all Americans. Rather than offering credible solutions, the president continued to spread misinformation about immigration and advocate for an ineffective and inefficient wall.

“Committee Democrats will continue focusing on the urgent issues that affect people’s everyday lives. This past November, the American people made their voices clear that we must protect and improve upon the Affordable Care Act. Tomorrow, we hold our first hearing of the 116th Congress on the need to protect access to health care for people with pre-existing conditions, and the following day we will hold a hearing to discuss the Raise the Wage Act, our proposal to gradually increase the federal minimum wage to $15 by 2024 for all workers. Next week, we will examine the need to reinvest in public education.

“These are the issues we were elected to address. Unfortunately, tonight’s State of the Union was another missed opportunity for President Trump to promote policies that will improve the quality of life in communities across America.”

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