02.20.09 | After Endorsement of Youth PROMISE Act by L.A. City Council, Rep. Scott Brings YPA Briefing to Richmond

February 20, 2009
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC - On Friday, February 20, the Youth Prison Reduction through Opportunity Mentoring, Intervention, Support and Education, or Youth PROMISE Act, introduced by Congressman Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (D-VA-03), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security of the House Judiciary Committee, was endorsed by the Los Angeles City Council.

In a 12-0 vote, the Council passed Resolution #08-0002-S60 sponsored by Former L.A. Chief of Police and Eighth District City Councilman Bernard Parks and Former State Assemblyman and current Sixth District City Councilman Tony Cárdenas.  "While we are finding solutions to this economic crisis, we cannot forget about our children who are most vulnerable to crime," said Cardenas. "Mothers and fathers are leaving their children at home to work more hours and more jobs just to make ends meet. I urge Congress to pass the Youth PROMISE Act to help strengthen gang prevention and intervention before the economy gives these kids more of a reason to choose violence."

The City Council vote was the culmination of Rep. Scott's trip to Los Angeles. During his trip, Rep. Scott visited juvenile detention facilities, job training and placement centers, alternative schools, and met with public defenders, educators, social service providers, and county executives.  These visits highlighted the holistic approach to crime prevention at the heart of the Youth PROMISE Act.

The community-based nature of the Youth PROMISE Act will be on display this Monday morning when Rep. Scott holds a briefing on the Youth PROMISE Act at the Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority's Calhoun Community Center at 9:30 am.  In attendance will be: school board members and other elected officials, law enforcement officers, representatives from the Boys and Girls Clubs and other social service organizations, health and mental health providers and community-based organizations, including faith-based organizations.

The Youth PROMISE Act provides federal resources to implement evidence- and research-based strategies to reduce gang violence and crime at the local level.  It is supported by over 200 national and state juvenile justice, civil rights, education and religious organizations.

The Calhoun Community Center is located at 436 Calhoun Street, Richmond, Virginia.  The briefing will begin at 9:30 a.m.