September 15, 2008
Floor Statements

September 15, 2008

Mr. SCOTT of Virginia: Mr. Speaker, House Concurrent Resolution 410 recognizes the great accomplishments, sacrifices, and service of the men and women of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the occasion of the Bureau's 100th anniversary.

In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt and Attorney General Charles Bonaparte established a new Federal investigative agency consisting of a small force of special agents to assist States in combating crimes occurring across State lines. Little could they have envisioned that their idea would have evolved into one of the most foremost investigative agencies in history. It is fitting that we honor the men and women who have brought the FBI that stature.

Over the course of its existence, the Bureau's men and women have proven time and again that when the Nation calls upon them, they are ready to meet any challenge. They have worked tirelessly to stem foreign threats against the United States during two world wars and the Cold War by investigating espionage and sabotage on American shores. The FBI helped to keep our Nation safe, and over the course of time became one of the foremost professional espionage investigative agencies in the world.

The FBI's been called upon on numerous occasions to protect the civil rights of Americans and to bring justice to those who violate them. Today, the FBI remains the foremost Federal law enforcement agency for investigating serious civil rights violations.

The FBI has been called upon to investigate various types of violent crime, organized criminal enterprises, international fraud schemes, and financial and other forms of white-collar crime.

Today, as the Internet has so vastly expanded and transformed the world communication and commerce, we have tasked the FBI with protecting us against cyber-based attacks and high technology crimes. The Bureau, for example, investigates computer fraud, child pornography, theft of intellectual property, and worldwide computer intrusions.

The FBI has responded to threats to public safety posed by violent extremist groups, both domestic and international, tirelessly working to prevent crimes of terrorism against Americans at home and abroad. Their accomplishments are nothing less than extraordinary.

Sadly, Mr. Speaker, these accomplishments have not been without a tragic cost. Since its inception, 34 FBI special agents have made the ultimate sacrifice: giving their lives in the line of service. Every day, FBI special agents face the risks and endure the hardships to make our Nation safe. They truly personify the Bureau's motto: Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity.

So it is fitting that we congratulate the men and women of the FBI on the 100th anniversary of the Bureau. We honor their heroic commitment and sacrifices and thank them for their past and continued efforts to keep America safe.

Mr. Speaker, I want to thank my colleagues, the ranking member of the subcommittee, Mr. Gohmert, the sponsor of the resolution, the committee chairman, Mr. Conyers, and the committee ranking member, Mr. Smith, for their leadership on this measure.