July 16, 2007
Floor Statements

Mr. SCOTT of Virginia:  Madam Speaker, I rise in support of House Resolution 487, which recognizes modeling and simulation as a national critical technology. I would like to thank my friend from Virginia's Fourth Congressional District and the chair of the Congressional Modeling and Simulation Caucus, Congressman Randy Forbes, for introducing this important resolution.

   Modeling and simulation has become an essential component in ensuring that we meet both the defense and domestic challenges of the 21st century. Modeling and simulation allows us to easily and effectively sharpen the tools, procedures, and decisions needed to address difficult and complex problems. This critical technology allows us to build and develop models of complex systems--whether a car, an airplane, an entire battlefield, or even a major city's evacuation plan--to see how certain actions will affect the end result. These simulations help us develop better and practical analogies of real world situations. With the growing international challenges of the 21st century, this technology is vital to the defense of our great Nation. Simulating battlefield conditions will sharpen the skills of the brave men and women serving in our armed forces.

   Madam Speaker, the practical uses of modeling, analysis and simulation technology as a training tool are boundless. Military and airline pilots have been using this technology for decades. Congress should be interested in using this technology for homeland security, disaster preparedness, and other ways to benefit the public; the resolution before the House today ensures that this body is aware of how critical this technology is for our Nation.

   Madam Speaker, I am proud to represent the people and businesses of the Third Congressional District of Virginia who are a part of this important and growing sector of Virginia's economy. In addition to our local military bases supporting the Joint Forces Center in Suffolk, our local colleges and universities and NASA Langley Research Center on the Virginia peninsula are engaged in applying people, tools and facilities to modeling, analysis and simulation technology. Hampton Roads is leading the way in modeling and simulation technology. The Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center in Suffolk, Virginia, is a premier facility that is second to none.

   The modeling and simulation industry is vital to the growing economy of Hampton Roads and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Hampton Roads Congressional Delegation has a history of working together and we will continue to do so in promoting this important industry in this Congress. Using modeling and simulation technology in the fields of science, national defense, homeland security and disaster planning will better the lives of all Americans and make our great Nation safer.

   Madam Speaker, I am glad that the House is considering this resolution today and I encourage all my colleagues to support this resolution and to learn more about this critical technology.