December 13, 2017
Floor Statements

Mr. SCOTT of Virginia. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the 50th anniversary of New Hope Baptist Church in Hampton, Virginia.

New Hope Baptist Church began as New Hope Mission in 1967. Former members of New Emmanuel Baptist Church in Newport News, Virginia felt compelled to establish their own place of worship, and they began to meet and cultivate their fellowship. The group originally began meeting in a store on North Avenue and later at Carver High School, both in Newport News. Reverend C.B. Potts served as the mission's spiritual leader during this time. The mission officially became New Hope Baptist Church in October of 1967.

Reverend C.B. Potts oversaw the church's move into their first building on April 10, 1969. With more space, proper furnishings, and a growing community presence, the church soon experienced an increase in membership and the creation of their first choir. Pastor G.I. Melton, installed as pastor in 1970, provided guidance and direction throughout this period. Under his leadership, the church saw over 100 new members and the creation of the Children's Church Ministry and Transportation Ministry. This growth continued over the years, and under the leadership of Pastor Melton the congregation broke ground on a new sanctuary in 1980. The construction of New Hope Baptist Church's new sanctuary was completed in August of 1981, two months after the death of Pastor Melton. Today, New Hope Baptist Church has grown beyond any of its founders' expectations. Members of New Hope Baptist Church have seen the expansion of the church through membership and the creation of many ministries such as the Women's Fellowship, Men's Fellowship, Evangelism Team, Seniors' Ministry, Tutorial Ministry, and many more. In January 1995, Rev. Dr. Christopher C. Carter, Sr. was installed as Pastor. In 2004, Pastor Carter led the congregation as they broke ground on a 12,000 square foot facility located in Hampton, Virginia, where they worship today.

Over the years, the congregation of New Hope Baptist Church has been dutifully led in prayer and service by the following men of faith--Rev. C.B. Potts, Rev. W.W. Butler, Rev. G.I. Melton, Rev. Dr. Ivan Harris, Rev. Virgil Newkirk, and Rev Dr. Christopher C. Carter, Sr.

Mr. Speaker, as New Hope Baptist Church celebrates its 50th anniversary, the church's congregation can look back on its history with pride. I would like to congratulate Pastor Carter and the entire New Hope Baptist Church community on this special occasion. I wish the church another 50 years of growth and fellowship.