February 12, 2009
Floor Statements


February 12, 2009

Mr. SCOTT of Virginia: Madam Speaker, I rise today to congratulate the Pittsburgh Steelers on their historic sixth Super Bowl victory. In a game that was exciting down to the last minute, the Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 in Super Bowl XLIII on Sunday, February 1, 2009.

Now, I want to deliver a special note of congratulations to the head coach of the team, Mike Tomlin. Coach Tomlin is a native of the Third Congressional District of Virginia. He's a product of the Newport News public schools, graduating from Denbigh High School in 1990. Mike was a 3-year starter at the College of William and Mary football team, and graduated from the college in 1994.

Mike's dedication to coaching at the professional level places him in the pantheon of great coaches that the Steelers have had over the last 53 years, including Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher.

But what many people do not know about Coach Tomlin is that his dedication to coaching comes from the impact that coaches and other role models have had in his life. His biggest role model was his stepfather, who came into his life at the age of six and, according to Tomlin, taught him what it was to be a man. In describing the impact his father had on him, Mike said, and I quote, ``I had big dreams when I was a child. But without my dad, those dreams might not have come true. He brought stability to my life. He made my world a safe place in which to think, to learn, and yes, to dream. I would not be coaching the Steelers in the Super Bowl today if it weren't for the man who walked into my life when I was a young boy and became my dad.''

Mike has never forgotten the impact his father had on him and has dedicated himself to be that kind of role model, both to his immediate family, and in the community.

And now, Madam Speaker, I include the following article entitled ``Coach Makes a Difference for Many on the Peninsula; Those who know him say Mike Tomlin relishes his status as a role model'' for the Record to highlight the work that Mike has done in his hometown community. It was published in the Daily Press on February 1.

I'd like to once again congratulate Coach Tomlin and the entire Pittsburgh Steelers team on their historic victory.