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Congressman Bobby Scott

Representing the 3rd District of Virginia


April 9, 2014
Floor Statements

Mr. SCOTT of Virginia. Mr. Chairman, I rise in support of the Congressional Black Caucus budget, which is a more credible and responsible alternative than the underlying Republican budget.

Mr. Chairman, the Republican Committee budget starts off by cutting taxes by $4 trillion and claims this can be revenue neutral.

Simple arithmetic, therefore, requires a $4 trillion tax increase, and the budget doesn't mention a word about where that money is going to come from, not a loophole closing or any other tax increase. And therefore, the budget starts off with a $4 trillion hole in it.


Their budget then expects people to believe that they will make $4 trillion in cuts by repealing the Affordable Care Act provisions for tax credits and Medicaid changes that have resulted in millions of people getting insurance for the first time. They are going to lose that coverage.

Do they think that is going to happen?

Do they think they are going to be able to increase the age for Medicare recipients and reopen the doughnut hole?

Do they think they are going to be able to make the cuts in the budget to Medicaid, denying access to health care to millions of low-income Americans, requiring millions to lose their nursing home coverage?

We know that that is not credible. Neither is it credible that over $100 billion in cuts to supplemental food assistance--we know that is not credible. They tried to cut $40 billion last year, then $20 billion, couldn't do that. They ended up with 8. Now they are going to say, well, all of a sudden we can do 100.

The budget fails to say where the other cuts are going to come from, whether it is going to come from education or job training or research or transportation, or other.

You have unspecified cuts. And to the extent that they are unspecified, that $4 trillion isn't going to happen. So they have a $4 trillion hole in revenues. They have a $4 trillion hole in spending cuts, $8 trillion hole in their budget.

You can talk about it being balanced, but until you come up with the specifics of where that $8 trillion is going to come from, it is just not a serious budget.

In stark contrast, the Congressional Black Caucus budget puts numbers on the page. We show our math. We show not only that we can raise $2 trillion in revenues, we show where it can come from by laying out over $4 trillion in options, specifics, not $4 trillion unspecified, but $4 trillion specified, $2 trillion needed to make the budget.

We eliminate sequestration. We have proposed a $500 billion jobs package that will end the recession by putting millions back to work, and approximately $400 billion for an antipoverty initiative that will restore cuts to the social safety net and enable people to get job training and education to make them able to work their way out of poverty.

Mr. Chairman, this is simple, straightforward arithmetic. Our budget calls for policy changes and comprehensive immigration reform, a public option for health care, and others, and it will be scored at $1.8 trillion, real live reduction in the deficit, compared to the CBO baseline.

Our budget is a credible, job-creating alternative to the unrealistic, draconian plan offered by our Republican colleagues, which has an $8 trillion hole in it.

I ask you to support the Congressional Black Caucus budget.